Public relations

I am currently between agents. Please contact me directly with any questions about contracts, books, or other media.


If you need a photograph of either me or any of my book covers for reviews or other publicity, please send me e-mail and include the specifications you need: size, format, number of dpi, whether you want the photograph to be formal or casual. If you aren’t sure of the technical specifications, contact me anyway, and we’ll work it out.

I’m available for interviews, blogs, pod casts, and short articles for writing-related media.

I can talk at length on mysteries, writing as a life-style, creativity, or the experience of women in the military, particularly during the Vietnam era. However, one important disclaimer. I will not express a public opinion on current military conflicts. I am neither a historian nor a political scientist. One of the lessons I learned as an officer was never to second-guess the person on the ground. If you want to hear serving men and women speak for themselves, there are a number of web sites where they post. Support those sites.

pastedGraphicI’m available to speak to book clubs by phone. You don’t have to read one of my books. I’ll be glad to talk to you about what’s happening in the mystery community, or to make recommendations for mysteries your club might like to read.

imageIs your non-profit organization looking for door prizes or donations to a charity raffle? I may be able to donate an autographed book. It’s easier for me if you contact me at least 6 weeks before your event takes place, but if it’s happening sooner than that, contact me anyway. We may be able to work something out.

I believe the images used on this page to copyright-free clip art. If you know otherwise, please let me know and I will either get permission or remove them.