Business sounds different these days. . . .Beneath the formalities of business—the committees, the schedules, the payroll checks, the spray of assignments falling from above—there is a buzz, no, the sound of twigs breaking underfoot as paths are trod on the way to human connection. The most amazing thing: You can tell who’s talking by listening to the voice.

People are beginning to sound like themselves again.

The odd thing is that you almost certainly have to be making some of the new sound to hear it. Otherwise, it passes for noise, like an overtone of the 60-cycle thrum of modern business at its automated, time-slicing best.

You hear it or you don’t. You get it or you don’t. The gulf that has opened in companies is about the size of the human heart.

That’s what makes the situation so ripe for humor. And anger. And absurdity.

~The Cluetrain Manifesto

Let's break a few twigs together, shall we?