Merit Badges

I loved merit badges. Not only was earning them fun, but it was neat to hear my name called and receive the badges, a smile, and a Scout handshake from my leader.

Long before there were sewing machines that embroidered for you while you did something else, these 1 1/2” green circles were miniature art.

A few designs, like Adventurer, were ambitious, the entire badge covered with pale blue thread over which a tent and two green trees were embroidered. Most were a colorful symbol on a green background: a telephone for Clerk, a winged ballet shoe for Dancer, or a tea cup for Hospitality. Since the tiny line drawings in the handbook were black-and-white, it was always a surprise to see what color the real badge would turn out to be.

Goodness knows writers, who labor long hours in solitude, could use a few atta-girls, so I’m issuing a limited series of Merit Badges for Writers. If you design your own badge or have an idea for one, email me. If we can work out a design, I'll display your badge here.