Between Mobile

In June 2013, parts of southern Alberta flooded. This included the city of Calgary. Clean up is expected to take months. Recovery may take years.

In good news, Sheldon the turtle and all the other school animals, were safely rescued from an elementary school in a flooded evacuation area. Repair crews working at City Hall have taken it upon themselves to feed the employees’ fish, water their plants, and removed all spoiled food from staff refrigerators so that people won’t return to rotten food odors.

The mayor had no idea there were so many pet fish in his building. He said there were certain questions he learned not to ask.

There was a misprint in information for people doing cleanup. It read, “Please read proper books.” It should have read, “Please wear proper boots.” The mayor says it’s important to read proper books, too, but maybe later.

Now, ten days after the flood, many people, me included, feel betwixt and between. The worst has happened; the worst is still to come. Those would be different kinds of worsts, of course. Today I wrote a scene where one of my characters was just fired. His wife asks, “How are you?” He says, “You know how when the dentist pulls a tooth, you’re fine until the anesthetic wears off. I’m waiting for the anesthetic to wear off.” So are a lot of people in southern Alberta.

That inspired me to make an art project: a Between mobile. If you feel between, too — between books, between ideas, between life changes — or know someone who is, here’s a mobile for encouragement.

I've included a beaver for all the people who are working so hard to clean up and repair southern Alberta, a maple leaf for Canada day, Sheldon the brave turtle, two official City Hall goldfish (Shh, don't tell the mayor), and what started out as the sun, but ended up looking more like a flower. You can use it for either, or print more than one copy and have both the sun and flowers.

Click here to go to the .pdf, download and print it, decorate it, and write yourself or someone else encouraging messages on the back. Put it together with thread or fishing line and hang it some place that it can gently sway in the breeze.

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