First Murder in Advent


Second book in the Elizabeth Pepperhawk/Avivah Rosen Viet Nam veteran mystery series.

Ex-Captain Elizabeth Pepperhawk should have stayed in the Army. She knew she wasn’t convent material. Now, she can’t decide which will kill her first, the nuns, hypothermia, or the ravages of a guilty conscience.

* * * * *

    In frustration, Pepper beat her fist on her seat. “If you’ll just leave me alone with him for five minutes, I know I can find out why he’s here.”

    Benny put his hand over her fist. “I know you can. That’s what worries me. Do you remember that last piece of paper you signed before leaving the Army?”

    “Where I swore I wouldn’t divulge any classified information I learned on active duty?”

    “That one. For your own good, file Major Darby Baxter, AKA David Barton, or whatever he calls himself this time, under classified information. You have no right to know. You have no need to know. In my heart, you will always be an officer and a gentleman, and I expect you to behave like one. Give me your word that you will leave Baxter alone.”

    A woman’s screams, muffled by cold, snow-encrusted air, stopped Pepper from making a promise she had no intention of keeping.

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